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Beg bugs spread in living areas. These dreaded bugs feed on blood and leave sting marks on your skin.

How are bed bugs identified?

The insect, which is commonly referred to as a bed bug, is a reddish-brown colour and can measure up to 8 mm in length (the size of an apple pip). It has a flattened oval-shaped body which allows it to easily creep through narrow ridges; it comes out predominantly at night.

How do bed bugs spread?

International travellers living in or passing through large cities can transport this repulsive insect in their cases. Bed bugs can walk and spread very easily! When you move house, change furniture or get a new job, these processes usually involve the transfer of furniture or materials, and this is when bed bugs are very likely to appear. The same goes when you are visited by your nearest and dearest: neighbours, friends, children, home helpers can also cause contamination.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs particularly hide in mattresses, bed bases, bed frames and also behind skirting boards and inside sofas. Bed bugs also thrive in curtains and behind boards; these areas require a particular anti-bed bug treatment.

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Did you know?

The female can lay between 200 – 500 eggs, at a rate of two to four per day and can survive between 12 and 24 months without eating.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and eliminate. This is how to prevent, detect and treat your home against this pest…

Bed bugs feed on human blood!

Their stings leave red marks on the body which can cause itching and infections if the skin is scratched. These wounds are commonly found on exposed parts of the body (arms, legs or back) and are aligned or grouped together on the skin. However, some people do not react to
the stings. Black marks on beds, bed bases, bed frames, boards, sofas, etc. may be a tell-tale sign that bed bugs are present.

Preventing bed bugs.

You are advised to inspect your bedding in hotels and avoid placing your cases on a bed when you come back from a trip. Also avoid taking second-hand items with you as these are perfect nesting grounds for insect pests! And for the best possible protection of your mattress, you are advised to use mattress covers.

Treatment for beg bugs.

Our operating procedure first involves a sweep of the area by a detection dog. Our dog
handlers, trained by Bill Whitstine of the Florida canine academy, mark out the infested areas.
By cross-checking the results of each dog, the reliability rate totals 99% and means that
treatments can be applied in a targeted manner. Two disinsection operations are subsequently
performed at intervals of 10 days, followed by a sweep of the area by a detection dog 10 days
after the final treatment.

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Another approach involves a sweep of the area by a detection dog followed by a combined heat and/or cold biological treatment. Bed bugs cannot stand the extremely hot or cold temperatures. This completely environmentally-friendly innovation is amazingly effective at eliminating beg bugs.