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Pipes can accumulate a whole range of organic matter. They can therefore produce foul smells or become blocked.

Our solutions

The accumulation of organic and inorganic matter reduces the dispersal diameter of pipes and often leads to bad smells.
We treat pipes or tanks (pits) by introducing bacteria and enzymes which consume the accumulated deposits. Our team is at your service to provide a solution that is tailored to your installations, following a diagnosis performed with a micro-camera. We restore the best functional diameter for dispersal and eliminate any foul smells.

Our guarantees

Restore the best possible diameter to guarantee dispersal in pipes and eliminate any foul smells. Maintain your grease tanks and pits to limit smells and draining through our maintenance contracts.

Did you know?

Pipes are treated with the injection of bacteria, single-celled micro-organisms, which produce enzymes which, in turn, destroy organic matter.
We take action from flats or flat roofs.