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Cockroaches are insect pests that are often found in your home. They thrive in humid and warm conditions and require a specially tailored anti-cockroach treatment.

How are cockroaches identified?

There are several species of cockroaches that are commonly found in your home. These include: the oriental cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, the German cockroach and the garden cockroach. The furniture cockroach favours television and radio sets. As for the German cockroach, the most common one is identified by its dark brown colour.

Where do cockroaches hide?

(German and brown-banded) cockroaches favour humid areas of the house such as the kitchen, the bathroom or the toilets. They hide away in cracks in the walls and dark areas. On the other hand, Oriental cockroaches find shelter in basements and drains..

How do cockroaches spread?

Whether transported in cases when you travel or on furniture when you move house, cockroaches very quickly make themselves at home in your living area. They move about especially at night in search of food.

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Did you know?

Cockroaches defile food with their excrement. They spread an acrid odour which is able to alter flavour.

Cockroaches seek out humid conditions and can transport infectious agents. A specially tailored anti-cockroach treatment must be applied to eliminate them.

Cockroaches are harmful to your health!

They are actually frequent visitors to toilets, bins and larders. When they move about, they transport the bacteria from their environment. The excretion of cockroaches or any remains from their presence are found in the air of your living area. When mixed with dust, they can cause respiratory allergies and spread viruses.

Preventing cockroaches.

To stop cockroaches invading your home, you should ensure that healthy living conditions are maintained. Do not leave any food out in the kitchen and use airtight containers to store food. To combat cockroaches, clean any dark corners of the kitchen and make sure that your living areas are properly ventilated.

Anti-cockroach treatment.

Call our team of hygienist applicator experts who specialise in eliminating cockroaches. We apply droplets of food (or bait) to the targeted areas to contain any spread. We set up monitoring points (visual inspection) at access points to your home to monitor the development of potential colonies. We also apply the treatment to basement areas and common parts and establish a maintenance contract to follow-up your anti-cockroach treatments.

General informations

Health and treatment