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This is something you should really consider!
Our bed bug treatment is the most effective on the market. Our secret? A rapid and stable increase in the temperature of their habitat, until a critical temperature is reached, at which point they are definitively neutralised and destroyed.

After 2 years’ research, our laboratory has developed a revolutionary heat treatment:

  • The temperature of the rooms and objects in question is constantly increased over a period of several hours until it reaches a lethal level for bed bugs. The beg bugs become agitated and are neutralised.
  • This is a lethal ambient temperature for bed bugs which makes escape impossible.

Exceptional advantages:

  • Diagnosis and treatment in the same day (dog detection 99% effective by crosschecking the results of each dog)
  • Intervention for a maximum period of 12 hours, from the diagnosis to the restoration of the natural temperature (chemical treatment = minimum 1 month)
  • 100% natural
  • Harmless for humans and pets and no risk that any items or furniture will be damaged
  • Treatment does not require the relocation of any furniture and is respectful of personal belongings.
  • Training of your staff in detection and emergency measures

Competence coupled with a sense of tact

A+A Désinfection works alongside many experts in the US and Europe to develop effective methods for the eradication of pests which are both eco-responsible and harmless to humans. As we are regularly required to act in living areas, our detection and treatment processes give special consideration to privacy. In terms of bed bug control, we were the first company in Switzerland to use dog detection, which now makes it possible to perform an ultra-targeted diagnosis and implement measures of near-perfect effectiveness, without having to shift any furniture about.

Science at the service of experience

We are the only French-Swiss market stakeholder that has access to a laboratory that studies methods and products that meet the requirements of ecological standards and guarantees that they are harmless for humans and pets alike. On that basis, our innovative approach, especially in terms of intervention techniques, seeks to eradicate pests with as little inconvenience to the users of the place as possible.