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Pigeons, which populate both urban and rural areas, are instantly recognisable by their grey feathers. Birds are very common and feed on seeds and rubbish.

How are pigeons identified?

Pigeons are birds from the pigeon and dove family. They are instantly recognisable as their heads are smaller than their bodies and their feathers are grey. Pigeons have a soft beak that turns down at the end; their tails are short and square-shaped. This distinguishes them from turtledoves whose tails are long and pointed.

How do pigeons spread?

Pigeons always move about in pairs. The female lays 1 to 2 eggs which hatch 17 to 19 days later in a nest of twigs and debris and pigeons make a new nest every season.

Where do pigeons hide?

Residing permanently in urban and rural areas, pigeons find shelter in areas that are difficult to access: gutters, pipes, window ledges, plant stands. To keep them clustered together, many towns and cities set up pigeon houses and act to control their numbers.

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Did you know?

The pigeon has a long life span of up to 10 years; this leads to an overpopulation of its species in large towns and cities, where it lives in a community.

Pigeons and birds are pests in respect of the buildings that they defile and because they carry
disease. It is better to deal with pigeons before they invade your space.

Birds feed predominantly on seeds and also waste.

As carriers of many forms of disease, birds also transport parasites: ticks, fleas, lice, acarids, etc. Their acidic excrement or “droppings” defile the façades of buildings, the bodywork of cars and undermine quality of life.

How can the presence of birds be prevented?

Birds like to nest in inaccessible places; roofs, gutters, bridges, window ledges, lofts, etc. To
protect your installation or effectively chase away pigeons: do not feed pigeons, close your
windows, insulate the entry to your lofts and set up wire fence on your attics.

What treatment can be used to chase away pigeons?

To deal with the problem of pigeons, act as soon as their presence is first detected. Our company specialises in controlling pigeons and sets up nets and taut wires to destabilise birds. We also install metal spikes at any opening of your building to stop pests from settling on your window ledges. Furthermore, our 23 m nacelle gives us access to the most inaccessible corners of your home for an optimum pigeon treatment!

General informations

Health and treatment