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Rodents and stone martens multiply very quickly, colonise your home and require a suitable rodent control technique.

How are rodents and stone martens identified?

As a small carnivorous mammal of the mustelids family, the stone marten is characterised by its brown/grey fur punctuated by a white mark around the neck area. The domestic mouse, the most common rodent, measures between 6.5 cm and 9 cm. As for the field mouse, it is found in woods and gardens and is characterised by its reddish brown fur and its 12 cm tail. The dreaded sewer rat can grow to a length of 25 cm ad its tail is covered in scales. The black rat, which is smaller and more lively, has thick, silky fur.

How do rodents spread?

By reproducing! The mouse, for instance, can have up to 35 baby mice a year. Some rodents, such as the field mouse, the stone marten or the black rat, increase their numbers in high parts of buildings: roofs, lofts, etc. Others prefer basements, floorboard cracks, tiles, embankments or riverbanks such as sewer rats.

How can they be detected?

Rodents and stone martens leave behind ovoid excrement with thinned out ends. Nibbled objects and gnawed on or torn packaging are also tell-tale signs that they are present in your home. Act immediately to eliminate the rodents by calling a pest control specialist.

General informations

Health and treatment

Rodents and stone martens are alarming transmitters of disease. Eliminate these pests from your home immediately!

Rodents and stone martens pose a risk to your health!

They can transmit serious diseases to humans such as tetanus, leptospirosis or typhus. When they contaminate our food and the materials with which we come into contact every day, rodents and stone martens transmit many diseases. Mice can carry salmonella, the bacteria responsible for salmonellosis.

Preventing rodents and stone martens.

To prevent the invasion of rodents, fill in cracks in walls and holes in floorboards. Watch out for water leakages and unprotected drain pipes. If you live in the countryside, make sure that windows and exit points from top parts of the building are properly closed.

Treatment of rodents and stone martens.

To eliminate rodents and stone martens from your home, call the pest control specialists A+A. We begin by identifying the source of the invasion. We consider whether we are dealing with faulty pipes, holes in the wall, raised floor grating etc. We then lay down some bait in secure boxes so that no children or pets can come to any harm. We then manage the bait locations to guarantee the optimum quality of the installations throughout the course of treatment.

General informations

Health and treatment

Did you know?

The treatment of stone martens begins with the identification and blocking of any access points used by the mustelids. Natural repellents are then used to make sure that the problem of these pests is dealt with once and for all.