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Heat is a precious ally in the elimination of bed bugs. Our innovative process is fast, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Our solutions

Steaming, or thermodynamic disinfestation, involves placing the infested objects into a 33m3 sealed chamber. Books, textiles and furniture as well as suitcases and luggage can all be placed in the chamber where they remain for a few hours at a temperature of 50 to 55°C.

The thermodynamics completely neutralize and eliminate bugs and other insects at all stages of life, from egg to adult.

By recreating the conditions of a fan-assisted oven, the heat evenly penetrates the material, guaranteeing total extermination of insects.

Our benefits

Steaming uses no chemical products and so has no undesirable effects, allowing the treated objects to be reused immediately. The process also uses less energy, using the thermal units and inertia of the material to reduce energy-use and making it even more environmentally-friendly.

Another benefit is the speed. Whilst chemical treatment often takes up to 1 month and freezing lasting several days, steaming only takes a few hours, offering an immediate solution to the problem.

Bed bugs most often migrate in suitcases which makes our treatment perfect for travellers returning from their holiday. We ensure the decontamination of your luggage in no time, avoiding bed bugs infesting

Did you know?

The steaming room has been completely designed, tested and completed by our « Research and Development ». Temperature controls allow us to manage and monitor the chamber, avoiding the risk of deterioration of any objects or steamed furniture.