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A+A Désinfection offers a comprehensive service that covers all cases of parasite and pest infestation.

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bed bugs

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and eliminate.

This is how to prevent, detect and treat your home against this pest...

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Cockroaches are insect pests that are often found in your home.

They thrive in humid and warm conditions and require a specially tailored anti-cockroach treatment.

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Deal with the flour moths before the invasion turns into something of a nightmare.

The elimination of flour moths calls for an effective treatment.

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rodents & stone martens

Rodents and stone martens multiply very quickly,

colonise your home and require a suitable rodent control technique.

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wasps & hornets

Even if a wasp or hornet's sting is not dangerous for humans,

their presence can cause a lot of inconvenience which requires a particular anti-wasp and hornet treatment.

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& birds

Pigeons and birds are pests in respect of the buildings that they defile and because they carry disease.

It is better to deal with pigeons before they invade your space.

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Mosquitoes, ants, spiders and fleas scare humans on account of their sting.

You are much better off protecting against the risk of invasion.

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pipes &
grease tanks

Pipes can accumulate a whole range of organic matter.

They can therefore produce foul smells or become blocked.

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Heat is a precious ally in the elimination of bed bugs.

Our innovative process is fast, environmentally friendly and efficient.